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In the state of Texas, it is illegal to operate a vehicle that has not passed a minimal automotive inspection for safety and smog emissions. While there are many inspection stations scattered throughout the region, our business offers the best prices and quickest service for vehicle inspections in Garland, TX. We use highly advanced technology to provide quick, reliable inspection services on which you can depend.

As certified providers of safety inspection services, we are qualified to make a report to the state on the safety conditions of your vehicle. Passing this test ensures that your vehicle is reasonably capable of protecting your life in the event of an accident or other unexpected automotive incident. Our vehicle safety experts can quickly and professionally determine whether your car or truck meets vehicle safety standards.

Our smog emissions inspection determines how much pollution your particular car contributes to the atmosphere. There are strict regulations concerning acceptable levels of smog emissions from cars and trucks in Texas, and failure to have your vehicle regularly inspected can be met with steep fines. At Rowlett Discount Tire & Auto, we can help you escape those fines by ensuring that your automobile operates within legal limits.

If you are in need of comprehensive vehicle inspection services in order to prove your compliance with state law, choose us as your providers to enjoy top-quality results. We are able to perform our inspections quickly, and can give you the information you need without taking up your entire day with the testing process.

Bring us your car or truck today and let us start the process that ensures your vehicle is compliant!

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